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A Gown for Tuba

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  On a chilly pre-dawn morning, Molly Brown pulled into Dr. John “Bull” Durham’s Flagstaff driveway and started to load her truck with six-foot-long rolls of blue fabric. Brown the executive director of the Northern Arizona Volunteer Medical Corps, would normally be at Durham’s garage checking on medical supplies for one of the two trips […]

Paging Doctor Bull

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By Kevin Charles Fleming ’09 Photographs by Mark Lipczynski, Illustrations by Yann Kebbi MAY 14, 2019   WHEN DR. JOHN “BULL” DURHAM ’80 MET WOODJINA IN A STIFLING, crowded ward of Port-au-Prince’s La Paix Hospital, the five-year-old girl was dying. For weeks, she’d been confined to a dirty mattress, unable to walk, beset by a spiking […]

Award Winner! — Most Creative Blood Drive

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At this international conference, out of 21 countries, it was an honor to earn the most Creative Blood Drive in the world. Representatives from other blood providers were just amazed with the Zombie Blood Drive and are now interested in doing this back in their home towns.