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Just Returned The structure across the courtyard from my bedroom stands incomplete. Rebar sticks out from the top of the wall, supporting the rising sun. The new construction is a reminder of the rubble that once lay here following the earthquake six years ago. To my right is a dorm where 30 girls, ages 10-20, are sleeping. To my left is the boy’s dorm that sleeps five. The 15 babies are asleep in the back building. There are three new babies here from Les Cayes, all of them left without family after the hurricane. Three more are coming this week.


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My wife and I are supporting the education of two Haitian young women, Bebe and Nerlande. They are attending NAU in Flagstaff. They have families in the southern peninsula of Haiti which was recently ravaged by Hurricane Matthew. Bebe’s family, from Jeremie, are all alive but have lost their home and all their possessions. Nerlande’s sister and children are from Les Cayes, and they remain unaccounted for.