RENMEN: University Graduates

NAVMC has supported education at a children’s home in Haiti for the past 12 years. Your contributions have accomplished the impossible. Since NAVMC’s involvement, every child at Renmen has graduated high school and ninety percent have go on to university. This is impressive in a country where only 10% of children attend high school and only 2% go on to university. These transformative opportunities set Renmen apart from any other children’s home in Haiti. We are proud to present some of our graduates. 

A young nurse in a traditional white uniform and cap looks over her shoulder during a ceremony inside a church.


Hello, my name is Ange. I came to Renmen orphanage in 1999 when I was 6 years old. I graduated high school in 2012 and left the orphanage in June 2014. 


In October 2013, with NAVMC education funding, I started nursing school in Leogane and graduated in November 2017. I was able to take part in an internship at the hospital of Innovating Health International (IHI) in January 2018, two months after I graduated nursing school. 


In May 2018 I was hired at the hospital as a program nurse. I have worked for 5 years at IHI as an oncology nurse where I administer chemotherapy for cancer patients. In May 2022, I started working for Saint Francois de Sales as oncology nurse.


Because of NAVMC, I was able to reach an important level of education.  I am doing well and married to a wonderful man. In Haiti, if a woman can graduate college and have a good paying job, it is a big achievement.


NAVMC, thank you for all that you do for Renmen orphanage, and the care and education of the children there.





A joyful young woman in a blue and yellow graduation cap and gown, holding a diploma, standing in front of a blurred building.


Betina is Renmen’s most recent graduate. In January she completed a four-year degree in Accounting. She is currently looking for an internship and is also working at Renmen helping to run the school and keep the financials.


My name is Betina, I am 23 years old. I was born on the 29th of September 1998 in Cotes de fer, the southern part of Haiti. I have five sisters and three brothers. Since the age of five, foundation Renmen has been my home under the loving care of Mammie Florence and Tatty Naider. As one of the many children who live in Renmen I enjoy the opportunity to eat, go to school, play and share sleeping spaces with the other girls living in the foundation. We live as brothers and sisters in the foundation and learn as a family the things that are necessary to assure us all success in life.


We met Dr. Bull sometime after the big Earthquake and our relationship with him and the NAVMC team quickly grew into that of an extended family. A family who truly cares and is concerned about our well-being. When the team visits us, we get the chance to eat together, play together, participate in outdoor trips, receive beautiful presents but most importantly we get to meet the family who are helping us in many aspects of our lives. From concern about our health to our education, NAVMC helps make our lives better. 


Betina is the 12th to graduate from college with your support.  “I know it’s only possible because of our extended family NAVMC.  I want to thank everyone who has accepted all of us in Renmen as their family and has giving of their time, heart, and mind to help improve our lives. It is my dream to follow such great example and give of myself after I graduate and start working. For now, my prayer and love to my extended family.”

A family of three, including a man, a woman, and a young child, taking a selfie in a waiting area with green seats.


My name is Nerlande, and I’m 34 years old, I am married and have my first baby. I arrived at Renmen orphanage in July 2002, having left the first orphanage I was in. At the time, I had never envisioned the path I’m on today.


But when NAVMC gave me the opportunity to attend university, I decided to pursue Hotel and Restaurant Management. The idea of going to university, especially in the USA, seemed like a distant dream. However, in 2022, everything changed when I met John Durham with NAVMC.


NAVMC has made a significant impact on the lives of the children at Renmen, providing them with access to education and the opportunity to graduate from university.


In Haiti, it’s quite rare to see such a focus on education, and it’s one of the most impactful things you do for these kids. I will always cherish the first time I met NAVMC; it marked the beginning of a beautiful relationship that I’ll be forever grateful for. I want to take this moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have never ceased to support me in my education and career. Your generosity, kindness, and love have made an immeasurable difference in my life.


I know I can never fully repay you, but I promise to always be thankful and to pay it forward by helping others in the same way you have helped me.



Thank you,


A smiling woman in a green blouse sits at an office desk, writing on a document, with a computer monitor and phone beside her.


My name is Safira, I am 27 years old. I came to Renmen in 1996, when I was only three months old. My mother couldn’t take care of me and when she found Renmen foundation it was a relief for her.


Manmie and her daughter Nathalie who is my godmother welcomed me and gave me love and took care of me.

Now I am a professional. I graduated from law school and currently work at SOGEBANK, I am an Anti- Money-Laundering investigator. 


My journey towards my current profession began to take shape during my time at Renmen.


It was at Renmen that I received support and encouragement from manmie, my godmother and the wonderful people at Northern Arizona Volunteer Medical corp (NAVMC). They played a crucial role in helping me discover my passion and potential.

Renmen Foundation and NAVMC changed the trajectory of my life in ways I could have never imagined, their support and guidance enabled me to pursue higher education and eventually graduate in my chosen field. Without their assistance, I might not have the opportunity to fulfill my dreams.


NAVMC made a profound impact on Renmen as well. Their contributions provide educational opportunities, improved living conditions, and created a nurturing environment for all of us here.


I want to express my deepest gratitude to manmie, Dr Bull, and NAVMC for making my education and career possible. Your kindness and generosity have changed my life in unimaginable ways. It’s not just about the education; it’s about the hope, the belief, and the sense of purpose you instilled in me. I will forever be grateful to the people who made this incredible journey possible.


I hope my words convey the profound gratitude I feel towards NAVMC and the positive impact they’ve had on my life. Thank you for everything you have done for me and for the girls at Renmen, you are responsible for the professional woman I have become.




A female laboratory technician in a white coat and blue cap examines a sample in a clinical lab setting.


My name is Luice, and I am 26 years old. I fell in love in 1999 when I was just 2 years old. I was happy to find a family and a place to stay because my own family didn’t have the means to meet my needs.


It was through RENMEN that I received all the support and encouragement. Thanks to NAVMC, after I finished my basic education, I had the chance to enter the field of medicine, where I spent 2 years at Luimière University before continuing at Quisqueya University. Now, I have almost completed my final session in medicine, and I’m staying to work for the state to earn my degree.


NAVMC has changed my life in ways I could never have imagined because without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  My parents couldn’t have offered me this incredible opportunity. The support and advice of the NAVMC team allowed me to pursue the studies I had always dreamed of, and soon I will graduate and have the chance to make my dream of helping Haiti come true.


I am truly grateful to NAVMC for what they’ve done for me and my family.


I remember the first time I met the NAVMC volunteers; it marked the beginning of my dreams because they brought hope, inspiration, support, and a transformation in RENMEN that will never change or be erased from my memory.


NAVMC has had a significant impact on RENMEN and especially on my life. It has contributed to everything, from our education to improving our living conditions and creating an environment where all of us in RENMEN can live well with a positive spirit.

I am truly grateful, and I want to express my heartfelt thanks to NAVMC for their support and their contributions to my education and career. Thanks to them, I can say that I have realized my dreams. Thank you, NAVMC, for your generosity and kindness in my life, and for helping me achieve my dreams.


I hope my words show NAVMC and their supporters how grateful I am and how much I appreciate the significant work they are doing in RENMEN and especially in my life. Thank you so much for what you’ve done for me.


With all respect and love,


A focused woman with braided hair using a laptop at a desk.


My name is Esther, and I am 25 years old. I came to Renmen in 2005 when I was 7 years old. I came to the foundation because my family couldn’t afford to take care of me and send me to school. The day I arrived at the foundation, I was very happy because I found a place to stay and lots of children just like me who became my family.

I can say that it’s in Renmen that I received all the support and encouragement. Renmen Foundation made me who I am today, and thanks to NAVMC, after I finished my primary education, I got the chance to go to university.

I studied business management, and I am very happy because I now have a diploma.

NAVMC changed my life because when I look at how I used to suffer before I came to Renmen, I see a huge difference. My life changed in ways I could never have imagined, and where I am today, I could never have reached without NAVMC’s help and the support of the Renmen Foundation.

I am grateful for what NAVMC and the Renmen Foundation have done for me and my family. I remember the first time I met the volunteers from NAVMC; it was a moment I will never forget in my life. That moment marked the beginning of my dreams and made me want to speak English every day. These moments brought joy, hope, inspiration, support, and a transformation within Renmen that will never change or be erased from my memory, and I am grateful to all of them.

NAVMC has had a significant impact on Renmen, especially in my life, because I have witnessed my life before and after, how it used to be and how it is now. NAVMC contributes to everything, from our education to improving our living conditions, creating an environment where all of us in Renmen can live well with a positive mindset.

I want to express my gratitude from the depths of my heart, and I want to express my contentment to NAVMC for all its support, for all its contributions to my education and my career. Thanks to NAVMC, I can say that I am satisfied because some of my dreams have come true. Thank you, NAVMC, for your generosity and well-being in my life, for the dreams you helped me achieve.

With gratitude,