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Who we are

We are a team of medical and humanitarian volunteers providing care for children and families in Flagstaff, Arizona, and countries across the globe. We provide medical and surgical care, education, food, housing, and other basic needs, financial assistance, and support to blood banks.

We are passionate about securing a healthy and safe future for families and children. We invite you to join us as a volunteer, a donor, or a sponsor in the array of service opportunities we offer.

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Northern Arizona Volunteer Medical Corp (NAVMC)

NAVMC supports the health, education, and safety of children and families in need through local programs and international relief projects.

Northern Arizona Volunteer Medical Corp


NAVMC is proud of its local and global work, and is grateful to the hundreds of supporters and sponsors who value our mission, the work that we do, and the lives that we save. Thank you!



Northern Arizona Volunteer Medical Corp (NAVMC) was founded by two Flagstaff, Arizona doctors, Kelly Reber and Bert Mckinnon, who traveled to Armenia on a volunteer medical trip. Inspired by this experience, they gathered a local group of doctors and nurses to continue this type of charitable work. In these early years, NAVMC traveled to Mongolia, Cambodia, Brazil, and Mexico to provide medical care and training.



After the earthquake in Haiti, NAVMC steered its energy toward this devastated country where it continues to provide trauma and surgical care, infrastructure support, orphanage assistance, medical equipment, and education.


Local support

NAVMC reached out to the local community and began to assist families and children in Flagstaff and Northern Arizona. NAVMC continues to support organizations including those that feed the food insecure and educate local youth, as well as managing blood drives to stock blood banks nearby and faraway.



NAVMC adopted the Bolivia Surgical Campaign, a program that travels annually to Bolivia to provide surgical care, construction assistance, and prevention services. As with our other medical trips abroad, volunteers donate their own travel costs, time, and medical expertise.

Board of Directors

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Dr. John Durham

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Dr. Andrew Aldridge

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Robert Miller

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Board Member

Dan Hall

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executive director

Laura McGrath