10 Jun

Day #1 in Haiti

RF is a 23 year old woman with a tumor on her right arm the size of a cantaloupe.  She is one of the patients waiting to see us in Haiti this week.  I hope we can save her arm.  We are now in Haiti with a team of 11 volunteers to treat those who do not have access to medical care and to teach the local physician residents.  We carry with us a lot of energy, hope, love and 1100 pounds of supplies.  For many this is the first trip and the afternoon was a time for orientation and preparation for the injuries we will see this week.   Tomorrows patients sleep tonight on the pavement around the hospital grounds on flattened cardboard boxes and are wrapped up in torn fragments of clothing they have brought with them to ward off the nights cold.  For some, tomorrow may be a game changer, a day for which they may have waited months.  Thanks for all your support without which we could not accomplish all that we do.  I will try to keep updates coming through a Blog on our website as well as through FaceBook.