6 Jul

Day 1 in Haiti

The team has arrived at Adventiste Hospital in Port-au Prince. Rose is resting with her family in the hospital awaiting surgery tomorrow.  She is nervous and excited for the opportunity to be rid of the mass that has enveloped her arm for the last two years.  Dr Lee Zuckerman is prepared to tackle this tumor and all of our equipment made it through customs.  At 9 am tomorrow we will start a long day of reconstruction.   Our second surgery will be to help Love Daly walk again.  Our Haitian colleague, Dr Hippolyte has brought her to us.  Love Daly is a 15 year old female that I met for the first time today.  She is an orphan who lives with a cousin in Port-au-Prince and was in a motor vehicle accident in early April.  After weeks in General Hospital she was sent home with a broken thigh bone that has left her leg shortened and bent.  Unable to walk, tomorrow we will rebreak the leg and reassemble it to its normal shape.  She should be walking again in a couple of days.  NAVMC is funding the surgeries for both Rose and Love Daly.   Today we helped treat a 6 year old who’s legs were bent to the point she could barely walk.  Under Dr Scott Nelson’s guidance, the team assembled an apparatus on both legs that will straighten her legs over the next 9 months.  A miracle for this child! These patients are some of the few who are fortunate for the opportunity to get treatment and we are fortunate to offer it to them.  Keep your thoughts with us tomorrow as we tackle these problems.   As always thank-you for your support.  Without it, we could not continue this work.   Love Dr Bull