An NAVMC medical team traveled to Haiti and worked at Hospital Bernard Mevs (HBM). We were joined by a group from Colorado forming a team of nine NAVMC volunteers. The surgical team provided care for eight patients with a variety of orthopedic problems, mostly trauma victims. We were welcomed by the Haitians at HBM, and they are always surprised by the continued effort from our small town in Northern Arizona.


We surgically repaired three forearm fractures, a distal humerus fracture, a distal radius malunion, a scapula fracture and a tibial non-union. Our anesthesiologist worked with Haitian anesthesia residents teaching them how to perform regional blocks and several Haitian orthopedic residents worked with us daily.


We are now teaching Haitian healthcare providers, and I see this as an important shift in our work in Haiti. Our nurses cared for the patients in ICU and the med/surg wards, and our EMTs were invaluable in their work in the new emergency room. The team worked diligently in this difficult environment and kept their spirits high throughout.


Many of us were fortunate to spend a little time at the Renmen Orphanage as well. I think we were all touched by the welcome we received from the 50 orphans who reside there now. It is wonderful to see the positive changes that we have brought to these children through the efforts of our previous construction teams.


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