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NAVMC Continues to Offer Surgical Aid in Bolivia

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Unfortunately, last year we had to turn down a few patients for surgery. One was turned away because his hernia was so large our surgeon did not feel comfortable repairing it with the limited resources offered in Portachuelo. Thanks to a generous American donor NAVMC allocated money toward the surgeries and/or workups for all the […]

Patient Testimonial

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“One day I was working at my kitchen job and I suddenly felt an insurmountable pain in my lower abdomen.  The pain was so strong I thought I was going to die. I could not move and I was screaming. They took me to the doctor who told me that if I ever wanted to work […]


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When it rains in Palacios, a small rural community a 30 minute drive from the nearest paved road, everything turns to mud. The roads, which were almost entirely made up of dust the day before, fill up with pools upon pools of water, with the occasional mud pile to remind you of the road that […]