Patient Testimonial

“One day I was working at my kitchen job and I suddenly felt an insurmountable pain in my lower abdomen.  The pain was so strong I thought I was going to die. I could not move and I was screaming. They took me to the doctor who told me that if I ever wanted to work again, I would need to get surgery, but there was no way I could afford the surgery. I was getting paid 1,000 Bolivianos a month [about $145 USD) and I used this money to send my child to school and pay for water. I also had a hysterectomy last year, and I took out a huge loan that I still haven’t been able to pay back. My pain from the prolapse was the worst. It felt like fire and like a balloon was coming out of me. Stress would make the pain even worse. I was terrified to be outside in the sun.


I am so happy with my surgery. It is incredible the help that comes. In my community, there are so many poor people, even poorer than me. I am the first person from my community to receive treatment through Centro Medico Humberto Parra. There are more people that could really use it. I have thanked God so many times for the team that came and did my surgery, and I hope they return. They were so kind and I healed so quickly. Now I am determined to take care of myself and let myself heal.”


Please help us continue our Bolivian surgical campaign. Our patients never owe money for the surgeries we provide.


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