Happy Holidays from Haiti

NAVMC has just returned from its 3rd trip to Haiti this year.  Attached is a trip summary.  We wanted to share with you our successes from Haiti understanding that this is only one part of the work that we are doing locally and globally.


If you have already given to help support this work, we thank you.  If you have not yet given and would like to or if you would like to send a years end gift, you can do so via Paypal by clicking the link below or by going to our website: www.navmc.org.


Yesterday Ertha graduated from Mission Bon Samaritan, a college in Port-au-Prince with a degree in Laboratory Sciences. Her school has been supported by NAVMC and now she will likely easily find work in one of the hospitals in Haiti.  An opportunity few have in this impoverished country.


Ertha is one of 6 girls from Renmen orphanage in Haiti that have graduated from University through funding provided by NAVMC and your kind donations.


We currently are sending 60 kids from Renmen to school in Haiti including 10 in University.


Molhenne at 17 has a new life following emergency surgeries performed by our team in December 2017 in which she lost both of her legs.  She is being fitted for prosthetic legs and quite likely will be walking when we see her at our next visit.  We are currently securing funds from a donor to pay for these devices which she otherwise could not afford.


These projects as well as so many others would not be possible without your help.

Thank you so much for your support.  Because of you, hundreds of Haitian people have been given the opportunity to survive and thrive against all odds.


Happy Holidays to you and yours.


John “Bull” Durham

President: Northern Arizona Volunteer Medical Corp


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