30 May


We had an absolutely amazing trip to Bolivia. This was the trip intended to check on our supplies, negotiate terms with the hospital, see patients in clinic, and reconnect with everyone down there that make our trips possible. All goals were achieved and exceeded.   The team consisted of Drs. Andy Aldridge, Phil Williams, Brian […]


6 Aug

Hope Everywhere

The lead-up to this trip has been rough. Haiti has been experiencing escalating conflict for many months, and the decision to proceed with our trip was constantly in question. Many members of our team decided to stay home out of legitimate concerns for safety. Flights were delayed. Bull was hacking up a lung…then Crystal, then […]


14 Jun

Day 5 in Haiti

  The NAVMC team landed in Port-au-Prince 5 days ago, and it has been non-stop since. From day one, this trip has been different. In recent weeks, President Jovenal Moïse has been implicated in two government audits on the misuse of billions of dollars in Venezuelan aid meant to help the country’s poor.  Thousands of […]


29 Dec

December 2018 – Trip Summary

Molhenne was supposed to die.  When our medical team left Haiti in December 2017, her blood count was insufficient to sustain life especially in someone who had just lost both of her legs.  She has been HIV positive since birth and medications had kept the virus at bay.  At 17 years old she presented to […]


25 Dec

Happy Holidays from Haiti

NAVMC has just returned from its 3rd trip to Haiti this year.  Attached is a trip summary.  We wanted to share with you our successes from Haiti understanding that this is only one part of the work that we are doing locally and globally.   If you have already given to help support this work, […]


27 Nov

2018 Bolivia trip

NAVMC took 18 medical professionals to Bolivia the first week of November. The team saw almost 50 people in clinic and booked 36 patients. We performed 40 procedures including many gallbladder removals, hysterectomies, uterine and bladder prolapse repairs, lipoma removals, and hernia repairs. Dr. Andy Aldridge and Dr. Carolina Martinez repaired an inguinal hernia on […]