Lightning Speed

Things are happening at lightning speed down here, and the amount of work we have done already is astounding. Stories are coming in from the results of our previous efforts as we prepare to begin new stories. A young man is going into surgery, as I write, for repairs on his fractured leg and upper arm. Another male who was in a motorcycle accident awaits surgery to repair his femur and wrist fractures early tomorrow morning.


Woodjina, the 5-year-old I wrote about previously, is healing well from the life-threatening infections that now appear to be resolved. She is attending first grade and doing well in school.


Ange, our first nursing school graduate from Renmen, is working with Pete on the woman’s hygiene project and will start her teaching tomorrow. I wish I had a picture of her smile when I congratulated her on her graduation. She is so appreciative and excited to be starting to work as a nurse.


We saw 20 patients in clinic today and have seen lives changed by the efforts of previous NAVMC teams. A 15-year-old boy returned to school and soccer after his hip fracture was fixed and is now healed. Genese, the first victim flown to Port-au-Prince after Hurricane Matthew, has recovered from her femur fracture and forearm injuries. She is returning home this weekend after 14 months of surgeries and therapies. She will not return to her husband and 2-year-old child, however, as they did not survive the hurricane. Her home was wiped out, but she will return, nonetheless, and we are hoping to help her startup her business again.


We have raised almost $1,200 through Pete and Jake’s posts since we have been here.


Amazing stories and amazing team. Thanks for your part in this. We would not be here without your support!


Love, Bull


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